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Arriving information:

For arriving in Seychelles, you do not need a visa, no matter where you come from. You will have to carry following documents with you when arriving in Seychelles: 

  • Passport (valid for the time of your stay + 6 months), children need their own passport
  • Return ticket or a ticket to a further destination
  • Proof of accommodation in Seychelles and vontact details
  • Enough money for the stay



Folowing airlines approach Seychelles from Austria, Switzerland and Germany: 

  • Emirates via Dubai
  • Ethiad via Abu Dhabi
  • Ethiopian Air via Addis Abeba  
  • Condor von Frankfurt
  • Kenia Airways via Nairobi

Emirates is my favourite airline, followed by Etihad. Dubai is one of the biggest and most interesting airports in the word. The prices vary between 750€ and 1000€. 750-850 Euro is a great deal. 

On demand, I will help you with the booking of the flights and do it for you. Therefore I need following data: 

  • Full name (passport)
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Frequent travel number (in case)
  • Destination and arrival airport
  • Passport number and termination date
  • Depareure date and preferred travel time


After talking the offer and prive over with you, we book the flight. Sometimes airlines make special offers, which are only valid for a short period of time. In those cases we need a quick answer from you. Please keep in mind that more affordable offers are often non-cancellable. We also request to transfer the money for the flight as soon as possible because it gets pre-financed by us. 


Traffic regulations

It is prohibited to bring drugs, weapons of all kind and pornographic material to Seychelles. Additionally it is forbidden to import raw groceries like fruits, vegetables as well as flowers, plants and seeds. You are required to declare the carry of valuable electronic devices. On Seychelles International Airport passengers have access to the duty free shop. Following the maximum amout of what you are allowed to import: 

  • 2 litrres of alcohol
  • 200 ml perfume
  • 200 cigarettes


Medical Care

 Seychelles do have an excellent health care system. The hospital in Victoria has well educated staff and doctors. The clinics in the bigger towns are open weekdays between 08.00 and 16.00 o'clock and on Saturdays until 12 o'clock. Private doctors are mainly located in Victoria. The central hospital with a dental and eye clinic is located in Victoria (Mont Fleuri Road) and another at Anse Royale. Praslin has two hospitals and La Digue has one. Seychelles is free of tropical deseases such as Ebola or Malaria. 

In case of an emergency, you can contact the hospitals by calling following numbers: 

  • Victoria-Hospital: Tel. 388000
  • Mahé, Anse Royale: Tel. 371222
  • Praslin Hospital: Tel. 233333
  • La Digue Hospital: Tel. 234255


Ferry to Praslin and La Digue

On demand we send you the current ferry time tables. The price for tickets from Mahé to Praslin is 60 Euro (one way). The price for a ticket from Mahé to La Digue is 63 Euro (one way).  Kids below 12 years of age pay half the price. 


Mobile and Internet                                                                                 

Seychelles do have well developed mobile networks called Cable&Wireless and Airtel. German and Austrian providers can be used in the islands without any problems. Cable&Wireless offers the "Aldabra Int'l Calling Cards" for calls to Europe (10, 20 or 40 minutes). We are happy to support you getting the card. The international dailing code for Seychelles is 00248. The SIM card must be registered at the office of the mobile operator with your passpor. 

At Beau Vallon (opposite of the Police Station) and in Victoria you can also find Internetcafés. Mobile Web is als available (UMTS, EDGE, GPRS, HSDPA). You can use the Prepaid-Card from the local provider for your notebook or smartphone and start surfing. I use the wifi-stick from T-mobile (30 Euro on Ebay) and it works perfectly. The stick needs to be unlocked and applicable for all providers. Every friday is Dubbel-Bubbel-Day where you get twice as much load on your card. The upload and download rate varies and depends on the time of the day. 

Airtel: configuration: APN=airtelgprs.com; no username, no password
C&W: configuration: APN=internet; no username, no password

Josie's Cottage has it's own internet access via lan. The Intelvision card costs 500 rupies for 50 hours. On demand we get it for you in advance. 


The water in Seychelles is drinkable but the quality varies depending on the area. It is recommended to drink bottled water only. We recommend bying 5-10 litre bottles of water (price 60-100 rupies). During the dry months (July-September) the water sometimes gets rationed but our apartments are all equipped with water tanks. Try not to waste the water during these periods.  

Ocean Dream Divers  | oceandreamdivers@freenet.de
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